Mary Beth Shepherd

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Mary Beth Shepherd is a retired training manager.  During her 35-year career, with a love for learning, she has taught thousands of people and developed hundreds of learning programs.  When not on the job, Mary Beth could be found creating children’s books in journals, on paper scraps and post-it notes, and even on the backs of her three children’s cereal boxes!

Today, Mary Beth enjoys telling stories to her four grandchildren.  Little Isabella the Tiger Moth is her first published book.  The story teaches children about following their dreams, not giving up, and using their talents to make a positive difference in the world.

Mary Beth lives with her husband, Tom, and their big white dog, Henry.  They live part-time in Florida with seashells and alligators and spend the rest of their time in the mountains of North Georgia with chipmunks and bears. 


 Join Little Isabella as she makes a surprising discovery in her dream to fly to Strawberry Moon…


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